Pricing table

Classic Bronze Pro Silver Ultra Gold Super Platinum
Pricing Rs.18.5 Lacs Rs.48.5 lac Rs.2.5 Crores Rs.8.5 Crore
Subscription Validity Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
ERP Niche RTU SUPER Niche RTU Customised Niche Customised Super Niche
Implementation Time 1 Weeks 4 Weeks 20 Weeks (Working) 36 Weeks (Working)
Number of Modules 7 10 14 22
Power Users 7 10 28 66
Basic User 3 10 28 88
Sourcecode No Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App No Yes Native Complete Bespoke
CMMI Level 5 Implementation process No No Yes Bespoke
Hypercare 24x7 Live Phone Support No 1 Week 4 Weeks (Working) 12 Weeks (Working)
Team Allocation(Engineers on Project) 3 5 10 14
Cyber Security No Basic Complete Military Grade
Testing Basic Inhouse Manual Inhouse Auto & Man. Inhouse & External
Basic setup Yes Yes Yes Yes
Complete Business Setup Yes Yes Yes Yes
User Training PU PU and BU PU and BU PU and BU
Custom Print Format 7 15 40 80
Custom Report No 4 30 50
Data Import No 1 Year 4 Year 8 Year
Functional Consultant (8hr per day) 1day Online 4 days Online 2 days Onsite 7 days Onsite
Project Manager - Onsite Visit (8hr per day) No 1 day 5 day 10 day
Industry Consultant - Subject Matter Expert 1day online 2 days online 3 days onsite 10 days onsite
Customisation - (40hrs = 1 Work Week) No No 10 Weeks 30 weeks
3rd party Integration No 1 3 8
Custom Dashboard No No 1 4
AMC with Cloud (Price) As per package As per package
Basic Changes No No 4/month 10/month
Support Tickets - Monthly 30/month 150/month 400/month 1200/month
Live Chat Support 6 x 5 8 x 5 10 x 6 12 x 6
Phone Call Support 30/month 150/month 500/month 1000/month
Cloud Charges Per Month Crisco-$50 Crisco-$100 Crisco-$300 Crisco-$1000
Compliance Upgrade Yes Yes Yes Yes
Version Upgrade Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video Library Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee: With Insurance NA NA 70% 85%
Insurance Cost Na Na 8% 5%
POC (only on approval) 2lacs 5lacs 10lacs 35lacs

RTU-Ready To Use ERP Eg:- Industry: Manufacturing/Service/Retail/Distribution/Projects
Niche RTU ERP Eg:- Chemical Manufacturing ERP
Super Niche RTU ERP Eg:- Petrochemical/Speciality checmical/Ink Manufacturer/Colour Manu
Customised Niche ERP Eg:- Customised Chemical Manufacturing ERP
Customised Super Niche ERP Eg:- Customised Petrochemical Manufacturing ERP

1 year 30%
3 years 25%
5 years 20%