Our Story

Massive firms have long offered overpriced mediocre software built with antiquated technology and backed by massive marketing and advertising budgets. MSMEs all around the world were forced to buy their software from these large software corporations because of a lack of alternatives. As all of our co-founders had a background in computer engineering, we noticed this issue.

Formed on January 25, 2011, Crisco Consulting has one goal: to build and provide world-class software built on the most recent technology at an accessible price. Crisco Consulting creates software that is both useful and easy to use. New software versions were launched after years of thorough refinement in response to customer feedback (30k+).
This month marks the release of our 200th piece of software. With the support of our staff and constant feedback from clients, we've created a slew of exclusive processes and patented software and technologies in the last nine years. We earned some of the most prestigious software certifications in the world, worked in nearly twenty-one countries, and established direct operations in ten additional nations. We couldn't have done it without our customers' kind support and input, and we're grateful for their faith in us. We'll keep doing everything we can to meet their needs and keep improving our product on a daily basis.